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    Friday, September 5, 2008

    2600 and Hacker Space Meeting tonight

    Hello to all of the Portland, Maine hackers! Tonight is the 2600 meeting at the Maine Mall. It starts at 5 PM on the benches outside of the food court. If you cannot make it until 6 PM, we'll still be around sitting at the tables closest to the outside doors. Bring some money for dinner (or your dinner) and we'll chat about the progress of Hacker Space. There are some interesting new cyber crimes prosecutions I'd like to share with you, too. Nothingface will discuss some ideas he has about designing home monitored security systems (I think that Charlye also has some expertise about this topic).

    This should be our last meeting at the 5 PM time. After this meeting, we will have met 2600's requirements to change venue and the time. So if you want a say in where and when we meet in the future, please attend. No one who works likes the 5 PM meeting time, but we'll discuss the Maine Mall venue, too.

    I hope to see some new people there, too. Everyone's welcome.

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