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    Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    Live on the air in NYC on Off the Hook radio show

    I was live on the air on Off the Hook out of NYC on October 22, 2008. What a fantastic experience! Although voting machine fraud is not one of my strong suits—I didn’t know the show’s topic before I went on-- I loved discussing tech law and policy with the guys. Talking with Emmanuel Goldstein and bernieS was amazing—I read their cases in law school, and there they were on the air with me! Facing Emmanuel across the sound board and with bernieS on the phone, it felt like we were having a coffee shop discussion because they made me feel very much at ease. It wasn’t as difficult as my first TV interview; I had to constantly remind myself not to look at the camera, but that took such concentration that I seemed distracted. It was easier with radio, but it was more than just the medium. Emmanuel, bernieS, Not Kevin, Rob T. Firefly, and Voltaire on the air with me were awesome. You guys rock!

    After the show, we went for Mexican food in what I think was the Greenwich Village area of NYC. I miss talking about “geek” stuff in Maine. Among other things, we were talking about Second Life: What happens when your character is assaulted online? Legal recourse?

    For dinner, I had a very good chicken enchilada with mole sauce (bitter chocolate). I cannot find Mexican dishes with mole here in Maine, so it was a treat. After dinner, we went to a coffee shop to upload the show and then to a bar (Mars Bar) that is dark because it’s lit with a single bulb hanging from the ceiling. The graffiti is worth checking out if you can read it in the cavernous atmosphere.

    And sometime after midnight, I decided not to take the subway because I don’t know where the heck I’m going once I’d get out of the station in Brooklyn Heights, so I took a cab. The cab driver asked if I was from the midwest—could I have been given away by my slight southern accent that rears its head after a few drinks (or when I’m nervous)? Wait…midwest? That has never happened before. (But I’ve been mistaken for Michelle Madigan at Defcon. That one was the best.)

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    Rob T Firefly said...

    Thanks again for visiting! It was great to meet you, and you were a wonderful guest.