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    Friday, March 27, 2009

    What should the OpenOtto demo car NOT be

    Rob T Firefly suggested we get a DeLorean for the OpenOtto demo. Awesome idea! Love it. If we come across one, we'll make a go for it.

    However, here are some suggestions of what the demo should NOT be. Although they might attract more girls to the computer hacker scene, these cars are not cool.

    Even though the guy with the 89' Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra Louis Vuitton Limited Edition looks pretty fly, this doesn't quite say, "Give us VC funding, please" but, instead, "I'm a bad knock-off."

    The's just so wrong. This doesn't say, "I'm so hot, give me a speeding ticket," as Ferrari's should, but, "This is my teenage daughter's car." Instead, this is the Ferrari OpenOtto would be willing accept as a donation to the open source project. If you've ever ridden in a Ferrari and driven so fast along winding mountaintop roads in Italy that there is FIRE coming out of the tailpipe and you're pinned into the racing seat, you'd understand why my vote is for a sports car. I like fast cars that go boom.

    The last picture is one I took of a wimpy Jeep Liberty on my driveway during mud season. Indeed, it took TWO Land Rovers to tow out the Liberty. No wimpy SUVs--this is a going-to-the-mall car. Thank goodness it was a rental. It had mud coming in the doors by the time we got it out of there. I was told that, when it was returned to the Portland, Maine airport car rental office, the guys receiving the car stood in disbelief as they saw the mud on and in the car. Instead, we vote for an H1 as our off-roading vehicle demo car. If we can't have that, we'll stick with the 2003 Land Rover Discovery it's in now because it really can go anywhere. In fact, we've taken it there and back.


    Max Power said...

    Shouldn't the off-road vehicle be a SMARTruck III or Unimog, maybe the Maximog.

    nicolle said...

    i had to look at a much larger picture of the louis vuitton car to see what was going on. in the thumbnail, the car didn't look fact, it looked like a brown jalopy with a lot of debris on it, and definitely not worthy of OpenOtto.

    full size, it looks like a drivable version of louis vuitton purses, which i'm not really a fan of. then again, my first experience with louis vuitton was when i was in paris back in high school. my aunt, her friend, and i wanted to look at one of the wallets, just to see what a wallet that expensive looked and felt like. the snooty sales associate milling around right by the wallets told us we had to wait on a two-hour waiting list to see that wallet. what?

    the red ferrari, though...yes, please. i'm not a driver, or even a car person, but something about super-sporty red cars is still awesome.