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    Monday, July 13, 2009

    OpenOtto Project at DEFCON 17 and Black Hat USA 2009

    The OpenOtto Project is doing more presentations. We had/have a lot of conference presentations this summer. The photos (photos by Brian Turnbull) are from Intridea’s HackOn (un)conference that was held June 18-20th in Portland, Maine. After co-working with Intridea on Friday, Nothingface and I did a presentation about the current state of the OpenOtto Project on Saturday.

    We also just secured presentations at Black Hat USA 2009 and DEFCON 17 in Las Vegas. Our Black Hat talk will be with me and Travis Goodspeed. Travis is working on the layout so we can progress toward releasing the schematics, source code and producing the first demo. We're doing a presentation at Black Hat in the open source project break-out session on Wednesday, July 29, 10:00 AM, Genoa room, 3rd floor at Caesar’s Palace.

    The DEFCON talk will be on Saturday, August 1, with Skytalks, skybox 303 at 10 AM, The Riviera.

    Please come see us and talk with us about hacking your car! We’re looking for funding and developers.


    Anonymous said...

    Can I count on seeing you at the EFF SUMMIT this year? I added you to the VIP list, so get your but over there Thursday Night :)

    You may be asked to say a few words.


    Tiffany Strauchs Rad said...

    I certainly will be at the EFF Summit. EFF is doing a lot to assist with an DMCA case on which I'm working. We're trying to save fair use and we appreciate their assistance. Thanks you for the addition to the VIP list!