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    Friday, August 1, 2008

    2600 Meeting Tonight—Hacker Space Proposal Meeting

    Tonight is the monthly 2600 meeting at the Maine Mall. Unfortunately, a few of us have attended the meeting—sometimes for 4 meetings in a row—and no one else shows up. I’ve e-mail 2600 to have the meeting location moved from 5 PM to 6 PM and out of the food court in the mall to a Boarders bookstore adjacent to the mall, but no response. Someone, whoever they are, still claims that there is a 2600 meeting and is notifying 2600 as such, but we cannot find evidence of anyone existing. Hence, we’re going to be showing up in force for the next few meetings and keeping a log so we can prove that we were there, want the meeting, and to move it out of the mall and to a later time easier for working professionals.

    At the meeting tonight, we’re going to discuss the possibility for setting up Hacker Space. This is the crucial time for anyone interested to attend. If we cannot find five individuals willing to pay monthly dues to establish Hacker Space, Maine’s first Hacker Space might be only virtual. That would be too bad, but we understand that getting anyone to pay into a business organization now is difficult.

    A hacker lawyer guy took these pictures of two of the proposed locations for Hacker Space. The top picture is a single room, small, but relatively affordable and smells like the Chinese restaurant below. The bottom photo is the larger space with 4 locking offices, large common area, and kitchen. That space would be easier to share with other professional organizations until Hacker Space could break-out on its own and be totally autonomous.

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