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    Thursday, August 7, 2008

    Off to Def Con--you going?

    After some lucky private funding that paid for my trip to The Last HOPE, I am now able to attend Def Con. Univ. of Southern Maine also is paying for my registration fee for Def Con (thanks!), so that's awesome. I won't have to live off PowerBars and eat cheap Chinese food on this trip.

    I'm disappointed that I missed SushiCon because it was tonight, but I'll be able to make it to's party by the pool Thursday night. Although I'm in the last boarding group on Southwest out of Manchester, NH tomorrow morning, it is non-stop. I guess that could be kind-of bad if I'm stuck in a middle seat with a laptop battery that lasts 10 min. I also have a DeCSS wallpaper on my screen when I boot up and it's sometimes funny to see who notices what it is.

    I'll try to blog about Def Con every day, but with the late nights tempered with Cubans and cognac in the Sky Boxes (please, Dallas, get me into the Ninja Party like you did last year!), the blogs may be delayed.

    Ciao, and if you're going to be there, e-mail me!

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    Anonymous said...

    I tried to find your card for like a month. Yes, holler and lets talk! - Dallas