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    Monday, August 4, 2008

    No Maine Hacker Space—At Least Not Now

    Alas, we only had 4 people attend the meeting and only 3 want to financially support the project. That doesn't add up to enough to get a physcial space where we can share our equipment and expertise, so Maine's Hacker Space will have to remain virual until we have more interest.

    However, what we can do is invigorate Maine's 2600 meeting and attend regularly. We spent a few hours at the meeting discussing networks, honeypots, and electronics projects with which we're involved. Infochown and I want to try out the cold boot utilities code (Ed Felten is a part of that research group) that was released at HOPE. Nothingface and Charley want to build a CNC milling machine when they have the financial resourses for the parts. So, instead of a Hacker Space concept where we have a place to work on our projects and hang-out, we have the 2600 meeting to talk about stuff we do at home or work. If some of us have smaller living accomodations like Infochown who had to give up his kitchen table to get a couch in his apartment or us whose office consists of a 4x5 closet space off the kitchen, they are going to be darn small projects. We might visit the Space idea later (when the economy picks up?) but for now, we're virtual with independent projects.

    Attendance for the Portland, Maine 2600 Meeting on August 1, 2008:

    Prof Rad
    2600 Reasons (telecommuted)


    C@t6 said...

    H3llo all!
    My name is C@t6 i would like to be aprt of the next 2600 meeting. I would love to talk to some of you about your current projects and computer or phones. I am new the hacker world but I like to learn. If you would like to talk email me @

    Tiffany Strauchs Rad said...

    Hello C@t6,

    You're more than welcome to attend the next 2600 meeting. The next one is at the same location and time as published in 2600 Magazine which you can buy or just read at Boarders Bookstore. It's on the 1st Friday of each month at 5 PM on the benches in front of the Maine Mall's Food Court.

    C@t6 said...

    Cool, I will most likely be trying to make it to the next meeting. I also work at USM in the IT department. How often is your class offered? Oh yea I picked up my first 2600 the other day. I also have been listing to all the radio shows. Thanks again,

    Anonymous said...

    Is the 2600 group still in existence?